April 16, 2019

Ready for a new look? WE DYE LEATHER, SUEDE & CANVAS. 

WANT A NEW COLOR? We Offer Complete Dye & Cleaning Services — We dye anything leather, canvas, or … well, ask us!

Bring us shoes, boots, bags, purses, belts, and jackets. We can change or renew most colors.

Some materials and colors are easier to dye than others. Bring your tennis shoes, bags, purses, boots, high heels and anything else you want a different color and we’ll tell you if or how we can get it done.

If you want to change colors, it’s usually best to go to a darker color.

We can also match an original leather color that has faded or been scuffed or scratched. We’ll make the old look new again. Try us!

The process adds softness, shine, and color to the old, worn, dried, cracked, and maybe just plain ugly. Restore your worn, dry, scuffed leather products with a healthy cleaning and dyeing.

Whoa! We even clean & dye sun-bleached saddles and saddlebags! Maybe that’s why we’re called Extreme.

We have five Northern Colorado shops to serve you with all your leather dye and cleaning needs.


  1. Hey I have a PUMA sneaker that was damaged by the pouder soup by my cousin I’ve tried everything that I can but the colour still look bas it’s now brown and not Pink anymore please assist

    1. Thanks for asking. Prices range from as low as $10 for a small item like a belt or wallet to more than $150+ for large items such as a saddle or a leather coat. A pair of shoes usually cost $45. Boots are more. Here are some guidelines for best results: Choose to go darker if changing colors. Dyeing the same color will restore the original luster. If the leather is dried, cracked, or rotted, it will need to be reconditioned if possible. The best way to know your options and the cost is to bring your item to one of our shops. We can see the situation, discuss your options, and give you a fixed price.

    1. Yes, if you mean the famous red-sole high heels. We even have a video of them inside the video on our website.
      Bring them to any of our locations and we’ll be glad to take care of you.
      Thanks for asking.

  2. Good evening,
    I have a pair of Dansko Matilda Mary Janes that I purchased used online. The color was blue in the photos but when I received it, it looks like someone used a blue magic marker all over it. I wanted to know if you could dye it a solid blue?

  3. Hello,

    Do you sell products for dying? I dyed a pair of boots using Angelus dye and cannot stop them from bleeding.

  4. My wife is interested in having protective soles put on a few pairs of her Christian Louboutin’s. I’ve seen different products used in YouTube videos and think that the Caselli mirror half-sole looks the best. Do you use this product?

    Thank you

  5. I have some red and blue Timberland boots is two colors and one do you dye boots like those or you just do one solid color if you do like a multicolor I don’t like to get in contact with you immediately and I can drop the boots off to you just give me a price

    1. Hey Tim, we dye the multicolor. If you just want them to look better, the dye job is about $45. Bring them to the Boulder shop and we will give you an exact price. We know Timberland boots. We’ll do a good job for you. Ask for Dan, the owner.

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